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Small-town Staar Reaches For Big Dreams

– Jacksonville, FL – Staar Fields is proud to announce the release of her debut album, Just The Beginning. The 13-track album is at once inspirational and personal, showing the diversity of this emerging artist.

Though from Ottawa, a small town in Kansas, Staar has never been discouraged, and has always reached for bigger and better in life.

“My mother said she always knew, even before I was born, that I would be a star one day, so she gave me my stage name,” said Staar. “I believe that every person is walking around here with something special inside of them, and my music is about letting them know that I see the star inside.”

Music is far from Staar’s only endeavor. She has spent the past 15 years as a motivational speaker and now running the Give Away Foundation which helps children with autism and special needs. She also started a school Sonlight Christian Academy which is a school that serves children with special needs and their families, works as a vocal coach and music teacher to children with special needs and is a full-time mother!

“My husband Quentin and I have a beautiful son Gabriel, who has  been diagnosed with autism. He was born at 1lb 10oz, and is now 11 years old. Grace (Gabriel’s twin) only lived for six days,” said Staar. “The loss was of course devastating, but has become an inspiration to me because challenges come to make you stronger. I tell people, “You are not your circumstances,” because the rest of your life can be the best of your life if you don’t give up when it gets hard.”
Staar has made hundreds of guest appearances including opening up for Yolanda Adams, The Legendary Manhattans, Singing at The Autism Speaks Walk for over 2500 people, Singing at The March of Dimes Walk for over 5,000 people, recently Singing for the Governor of Florida at a Disabilities summit for over 10,000 people, and Singing at the Gate River Run for over 20,000 people!  Staar is very excited about  spreading her inspirational message “There’s A Star Inside Of You”,  getting involved in the community, and being a spokesperson for children with special needs and at risk teenage girls.

Staar’s gift and passion is making every one she meets feel important and showing women how they can have it all, and that’s the message she spreads through her motivational speaking tours.

“I’m so very excited to move into this next chapter of my life with music.  We are using social media platforms and YouTube to reach the world. I hope that I can continue to be a motivational artist, and that growing my musical career just goes to show everyone that it’s never the wrong time to reach for something bigger!” said Staar.

She now has two albums Just The Beginning and Win.

For more information about her album, tour schedule, to book Staar, or to make a donation to the Give Away Foundation, visit or

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